KYP Tools® -a promise to strive for superior performance…

In 1975,Chao-chin (Peter) Yen founded KYP Tools®. His vision was to provide professionals tools which were safe, efficient, and easy to use for everyday tasks. At the time, even though his resources were limited, he put all of his energy into improving production processes and developing new tools that would change how professionals did their jobs. In 1984, with a decade of experience in the industry, KYP Tools® introduced a revolutionary wire stripper to the market. Since then, KYP Tools® has built up its KYPPER, KYPCISION lines. To this day, KYP Tools® continues to hold the same values as it did in 1975, and is dedicated to introducing new and innovative tools. Since 2000, KYP Tools® has extended its expertise to crimping tools and has kept impressing the market with its quality and design


The worldwide working company looks back on a history of more than 35 years experience.Kauw Yehi is particular specialized on producing hand tools of highest quality.

Staff Details

Production Staff: 42
Office Staff: 12

Site Advantages/Description

Our factory is closely located to all major transport centers, such as the seaport, airport, speed train station and industrial center. We also have a large warehouse that stores our production materials and finished products.

Machinery/Production Process

Our production process is 10% automated, 70% semi-automated and 20% manual. 30% of the manufacturing equipment are imported and 70% are locally sourced.


Be the leading company to integrate designs and functionalities of hand tools and manufacture practical yet beautiful hand tools.


Innovation, Design, Quality, Service & Execution.


To bring innovative, safe, and efficient hand tools to professionalswith integrity, quality, and reliability.


  • 2009
    ISO 9001:2008 certificated by SGS
    Added cutters and new plastic wire strippers product line.
  • 2005-2008
    Our sales revenue growth 10-15% each year.
    OEM abd ODM for several well-known global brands for professional hand tool industries.
    Added professional cable tie gun product line.
    Participated major exhibitions such Practical World Koln, Germany & NHS USA.
  • 2004
    ISO 9001 certificated
  • 2001-2003
    Kauw Yehi moved in a new factory 8000sq.ft in Tucheng Industrial zoon, to meet the rapid sales growth.
    Added data communication crimping tool and multi-functional tool product line.
    Established Export department in 2003.
  • 1996-2000
    Added new crimping tool production line and obtained patent in many countries.
    Set up KYP QC Lab.
  • 1985-1995
    Set up KYP RD team
    Invented DIY type cable tie gun in production line
    Invented NEW easystripper.
  • 1984
    Created the 1st master piece of classical easy wire stripper. Applied patent in many counties.
    This KYP classical wire stripper still keep selling to all over the world until now.
  • 1975-1983
    Mr. Peter Yen founded Kauw Yehi Industrial Co., Ltd. in a small 3-story factory.
    OEM basic stripper for the major importers in U.S.A. only.