KY665FT Easystripper II

Fully automatic action. Grips and strips in one go Adjustable cable strip length guide swivels clear for longer strip. Micro adjusting the swivel knob to strip electrical wire gauge smaller than? 24AWG (0.2 mm?). The stripper will not damage the conductor.


  • Alloy steel jaws can strip all types of wire from 10-26AWG (0.15 to 6 mm?)
  • With additional swivel knob, adjust to strip wire maximum 8AWG (8mm?), minimum 30AWG (0.05mm?)
  • Romax cable 14/2; 12/2 or NM-B cable 10-14AWG.
  • Metal constructed body with heat treatment.
  • Extra professional crimping die nest design for cord end sleeve.
  • With bi-component handle
  • Length: 205mm, weight: 350g


  • Strip & cut wire from 10-26AWG (0.15-6mm?)
  • Crimp cord end sleeve (European type terminals) from 0.5-6mm?
  • Packing:1pc/sliding card, 10pcs/60pcs/2′