KY668K Easy wire stripper IV

Wire is automatically gripped and stripped with the same motion. Release pressure and jaw automatically open to release stripping wire. Strips from 8-26AWG (0.15-8mm?) or up to 30AWG (0.05mm?) use the same stripping station.


  • Special designed clamping jaws hold the wire securely during the stripping process
  • Powder metal jaws, hardness HV450 to 650�X (HRC 52 to 57�X)
  • With additional swivel knob, adjust to strip wire maximum 8AWG (8mm?), minimum 30AWG (0.05mm?)
  • Romax cable 14/2; 12/2 or NM-B cable 10-14AWG.
  • Body constructed by metal with heat treatment
  • Adjustable stop controls the length of wire be stripped
  • Crimp insulated, n