KY737 Rapid stripper

Lightweight pistol style stripper, can operate smoothly . Strip 10-26AWG stranded & solid PVC insulated wire and cut cable up to 14AWG (2.5mm?) wire.


  • Body, stopper & Lock constructed by Nylon
  • ABS red badge
  • SK5 CNC Stripping & cutting knife
  • Weight: 130g
  • Length: 180 x 170 x 32mm


  • Self-adjusting stripping blades automatically select proper position
  • Strips 10 to 24 AWG (0.2 to 6mm?) stranded or solid insulated wire
  • Cuts up to 14 AWG (2mm?) solid or stranded wire
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces user fatigue
  • Reinforced fiberglass & Nylon construction
  • Narrow nose fits into tight places.
  • Hardened steel blades for extra strength and longer life
  • For stripping in confined area